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Platinum Investment

If you are considering platinum investment you’re in the right place. At Goldknox® we have a great deal of experience in buying, selling and trading precious metals including platinum. Platinum is regarded as one of the rarest precious metal and the annual world production of platinum is significantly less than that of both gold and silver. Demand for platinum has increased massively in recent years as its uses have moved from the jewellery sector to a wider range of industrial applications. Platinum’s rarity combined with ever increasing demand for the metal could make it a wise investment opportunity.

Platinum investment with Goldknox®

Demand for precious metals has grown in correlation to the rise of the emerging economies. In simplest terms; more expendable wealth the greater demand for luxury goods.

Platinum Investment Portal

Making your platinum investment with Goldknox® has the added advantage of access to our secure online portal 24/7. The portal allows you to track your platinum investment whenever you want, from wherever you want (as long as you have internet access). It shows the latest precious metal prices so you can make the best investment decisions. If you wish to increase your platinum investment you can do so via the portal. If you think the time has come to sell off your metals you can also do so through the portal.

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Your investment is insured through Lloyds of London giving you the highest degree of protection.