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Palladium Investment

If you are looking for a new, different investment option palladium investment could be a great place to start. Palladium investment could be considered a shrewd move as demand for the metal has increased in recent years. This increase in demand has occurred as a result of a boom in the automotive industry in the emerging economies, China in particular which is now the world’s largest auto market. In the past Palladium prices have been hit by yearly stock pile sell off by the Russian Government. However these stockpiles have dwindled which suggests that now is a good time to make a palladium investment.

Goldknox® Palladium Investment

When you make a palladium investment with Goldknox® you get access to our secure online portal. The portal makes managing your investment simple, allowing you to buy and sell as you please. The portal is available online 24/7 so you can check your investment and palladium prices whenever and wherever you like.

Are you ready to invest?

If you are ready to invest you can click to begin investing. If you would like to learn more about Goldknox® palladium investment you can talk to our knowledgeable team on: 0121 523 1070.

Why Goldknox® ?

  • Simple

    Invest today, access when you like
  • Secure

    Ultra secure Swiss bank vault
  • Trusted

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds already invested
  • Valued

    Highly Competitive Rates
  • Flexible

    Deal any deliverable amount


Your investment is insured through Lloyds of London giving you the highest degree of protection.