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Our Gold Investment Concept

Disillusioned with the interest on your savings? Lost enthusiasm for the stock market? Worried about the stability of your investments and pension? Maybe it’s time to try a new investment concept…

The tools you need to build your nest egg

Goldknox® offers a unique proposition to customers looking to dip their toe in the buoyant precious metals markets without the daunting prospect of complicated forms and techo-jargon!

The secure Goldknox® customer portal is an intuitive, customer focussed tool enabling anyone to create a silver, palladium, platinum or gold investment account at live London Bullion Market prices within minutes.

Once a customer has made an investment their precious metals are stored in a secure vault in a well known swiss bank in Zurich.  Should you decide to liquidate your investment you can choose to take physical delivery or receive a payment by cheque or bank transfer. The customer portal will track and manage your investments, providing monthly account statements and real-time investment performance statistics.

Why is the Goldknox® silver, platinum, palladium and gold investment proposition so unique? Because each stored investment is held on an allocated basis in accordance with terms and conditions in the secure vault of a leading Swiss bank. Your investment is in safe hands with one of the world’s best known gold storage facilities and should you wish to withdraw your investment as physical gold no problem, following on from payment of all fees due our secure, insured courier service will deliver next business day direct to your door.

With precious metals and gold investment on the rise during the current global economic uncertainty, why delay? Click the ‘Get started’ button now and we’ll have your account up and running in minutes. Still want to know more? Read through our common questions & answers.

Why Goldknox® ?

  • Simple

    Invest today, access when you like
  • Secure

    Ultra secure Swiss bank vault
  • Trusted

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds already invested
  • Valued

    Highly Competitive Rates
  • Flexible

    Deal any deliverable amount


Your investment is insured through Lloyds of London giving you the highest degree of protection.