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Common Questions

Answers to the questions people regularly ask

We appreciate our service is unique and many potential customers will have questions regarding the service before signing up, but there is a pretty good chance it’s a questions we’ve had before…

What is Goldknox® all about?

Goldknox® assists individuals to invest, trade, buy, sell and store bullion easily, securely and at minimum cost. This helps to maximise the value of the investment. Before Goldknox® it was difficult to acquire and buy and sell bullion, because of the sheer investment required to access the best rates and because of the physical problems of storing the bullion.

Where is my bullion stored?

All bullion purchased for storage is stored in a secure vault in Switzerland.

This vault meets the very highest security standards in the business. It is located deep underground and is virtually inaccessible other than through a strictly monitored and fortified access point. Access is strictly regulated, limited to a very small group of trusted and monitored staff, and is subject to a series of highly sophisticated procedural and technical safety features.

The uncompromising safety standard against robbery and terrorist attack is complemented by state-of-the-art fire prevention and suppression system. It is no exaggeration to say that for all practical purposes and under all aspects of the safekeeping of your Precious metal, it is safe. There is also adequate insurance cover in place that would cover highly unlikely events such as theft, robbery, terrorist attacks, fire etc. however caution should be given that this should not and cannot be interpreted as a legally binding guarantee or similar instrument.

How much does it cost to trade?

Higher value transactions have lower costs. Costs are also different for Gold than they are for “other metals” as Gold doesn’t have any vat implications applied to it. Please see our list of commissions and charges for further details.

Purchase Commission


Investment Cost Commission Rate
0 – £35,000 2.75%
£35,001 – £70,000 2.5%
£70,001 – £100,000 2%
£100,001 – £175,000 1.5%
£175,001 + 1%

Platinum, Palladium

Investment Cost Commission Rate
0 – £35,000 3%
£35,001 – £70,000 2.5%
£70,001 – £100,000 2%
£100,001 – £175,000 1.5%
£175,001 + 1%


Investment Cost Commission Rate
0 – £10,000 7%
£10,001 + 5%

Storage Fees

Storage fees are calculated per annum and charged on a monthly basis at .60% for Gold and .65% for Silver, Platinum and Palladium per individual investment and calculated based on the current metal value at the end of each calendar month. There is Swiss Vat at 8% charged on storage fees however this has been incorporated with the .60% and .65%

Swiss VAT

Swiss Vat is applied to metal investments at 8% on initial investment value, and also to storage fees as detailed above.
NB Gold investments are exempt from Swiss VAT.

Sale Commission

Sale commission is charged when you sell your investment back to Goldknox® at 1.5% of the metal sale price. This applies to all metal types.

Swiss VAT

There is no Swiss Vat applied to Sale Commission
NB Gold investments are exempt from Swiss VAT.

Withdrawal/Delivery Commission

Commission is charged for withdrawal/delivery of your metals at the following rates:
Gold: 7%
Silver, Platinum, Palladium: 8.40%


UK Vat is charged if you withdraw metals other than gold for delivery to your home address. This is charged at 20% of the current investment value.
NB Gold investments are exempt from UK VAT charges for delivery.
UK Vat is also charged on the withdrawal/delivery commission. This has been calculated at 20% and incorporated into the delivery commission charge.

How do I pay?

Payment for your investment can be made by bank transfer directly from your bank account.

Can I visit you to complete my transaction?

We prefer you to complete your transaction online, so that we can minimise costs and maximise your investment. However, you may visit us by appointment, at our premises in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter at 95 Spencer Street.

Can I pay in my local currency?

In order to make an investment through the Goldknox® system you must reside in the United Kingdom and we are only able to accept payment in £ sterling.

Is VAT charged on my transaction?

When you store your bullion in our secure Zurich vault, then UK VAT is not charged when you realise your investment however Swiss vat at 8% is applied to your metal investment value and storage charges (for Silver, Platinum and Palladium only). Gold bullion is exempt from VAT. Silver, platinum and palladium bullion is subject to UK Vat if you withdraw your metal for delivery to your home address.

Why is my quote different from the live prices on the website?

There are two prices for the London Bullion market, “spot” and “fixed”. The Spot price changes all the time and is updated once every minute on the website. The fixed is set twice a day quoting AM and PM. Goldknox® will always quote at the current fixed price.

Cancellation Charge

There wil be a cancellation charge of 2% of the investment value should you not proceed with a pledged investment i.e. if you make the investment but fail to sanction a bank transfer within the 24 hours as requested.

What happens to my investment should the bank fail?

In the very unlikely event of the bank or Goldknox failing whilst the bank provides the storage of your investment it is by no means the property of the bank or indeed Goldknox and your investment would never form part of the assets of either.

Why Goldknox® ?

  • Simple

    Invest today, access when you like
  • Secure

    Ultra secure Swiss bank vault
  • Trusted

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds already invested
  • Valued

    Highly Competitive Rates
  • Flexible

    Deal any deliverable amount


Your investment is insured through Lloyds of London giving you the highest degree of protection.